CODESMA Project formes a strategic partnership of 5 partners from 5 countries, bringing together expertise in VET, construction industry, and research. The project aims to support Vocational Education and Training (VET) provision for site managers in construction and demolition (C&D) waste by addressing modern training needs in accordance with EU priorities regarding waste management, and developing Open Educational Resources (OERs) that ensure easy and free access to online training and certification.

Following this aim, the project will develop an innovative course on waste management, to support site managers to address modern skills needs with regards to environmental sustainability awareness, knowledge, supervision and site organisation competences.

Project Details

Start Date: 1st October 2017
End Date: 31st March 2020
Duration: 30 Months
Project Code: 2017-1-UK01-KA202-036562

News & Events

The last meeting took place in Athens. The project output was achieved due to partners accelerating…

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